Grant Giving

Since the charity was founded in 1992 our grant giving programme has benefitted hundreds of organisations and individuals with approaching a million pounds worth of grants awarded. A large part of our vision has been to impact on health and wellbeing in the boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham by helping to create training and employment opportunities for vulnerable people, enabling them to play more active roles with their families, friends and in the wider community. Our aim is to have a positive health impact through an economic and socio-cultural contribution within the communities and beyond.

We have invested considerable efforts in developing a strategy to identify ways of making our charitable assets more productive, with results that are measurable, meaningful and impactful on the communities the charity serves. We have looked at options to increase and target our grant giving and have identified and funded a number of potential and existing partners that will enhance the reach of our grant giving activities whilst fulfilling our identified goals.

One way in which we enhance the benefit of our grant programme is to support respected local charity foundations including the East End Community Foundation ( and Island House who lead the CanDo Project. (